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A new beginning after the systemic collapse

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

A Spanish colleague, of whom I had not heard about in several months, sent me email yesterday to share his new research article as well as to provide some news. After exchanging a few emails, where he noticed this website, I was obliged to write the new text found below. Actually, I was forced to do so because the topic is important and timely on many different grounds.

My colleague had noticed that there was a specific emphasis in my blogs in the category 'Sivilisaatiosta', which deals with topics related to our current civilization and associated societal problems. In brief, I explained to him that I am trying to wake people up, at least those I know, through entertaining and educating them by embedding facts within fiction in some cases or providing my own opinions in purely fact-based texts. I am not sure how I have succeeded thus far, but at least I have tried my best in doing so over the last year.

What is underlying all the blog texts I have so far published in the category 'Sivilisaatiosta'? Underlying all these texts is not so much personal rage against the system, but rather frustration that many people do not see the obvious that the system is not as it should be and 'nothing is as it seems'. In my opinion, this is because the current system is corrupted to the core. There are many examples of this corruption, and it would require a rather long account to list all of them here. Hence, I focus on a major cause of corruption we should not be able to unsee, as it is in the front of our eyes every day. We should rather see and 'see' it each day. Many, if not all, politicians appear to be guided by the same narratives and agendas, even if they should represent political parties with different background ideologies and should therefore follow their own agendas. The thing is that they all appear to be following World Economic Forum's agendas, which makes one think that they are led outside of sovegrein nation states. I am by no means not the only one who thinks that way, and this idea is not limited to Finland only. It is a worldwide problem. Luckily, the numbers of us who profoundly dislike the current system is increasing rapidly. Everyone should open their eyes, ears and mouths. It is time to act now.

My colleague and I also started pondering that if the current system is not working as it should, what could a better system be like? In this context as well as in general, I guess everyone has his or her opinion. And different opinions should always be allowed and welcomed in a properly working society. My own opinion is that we should first get rid of the current political system that propagates lots of unnecessary bureaucracy only but not much important is never achieved. Is all of this done for a purpose? A solution after getting rid of the current political system could be going back to basics, where most decisions would be made locally to benefit local people and communities. For instance, there could be locally elected (note: not selected) councils, which would be guided by the advise of external advisors aware of and interested in local issues. They would possibly be living in the very same or nearby areas, thereby having insights that have originated from observing every-day problems literally every day. In contrast, at least I am personally disappointed with 'the faces in the media' that are there only for their own benefit with little useful content to share in order to improve people's lives regionally or locally. Some could say that they are actually trying the opposite for their own benefit or 'their small group of global stakeholder's interest only', thereby undermining initiatives that could really be beneficial to the majority of people locally and regionally.

Previously, I wrote a blog titled “The system has failed”. This Finnish blog is available here. I do not want to sound too radical, but my humble opinion is that the current system is at the very end of its road and is collapsing as we speak. The reasons are many, and not much can be done to fix the current system. However, no 'The Great Reset' as per World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab is needed, but rather we should consider what is really important and then start developing sovegrein countries based on local and regional needs and interests of ordinary people. I am not saying that such new intiatives should proceed anything like in the line "Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse", but quite the contrary. We should rather think locally and get people involved in all things in a good way. Unfortunately, it seems that any messenger of such ideas will be shot, figuratively speaking of course, even locally. However, one should never shoot the messenger but hear and listen to carefully what he or she has to say.

My colleague also mentioned that it would have been interesting to see how the readers of my blog could have reacted, especially when it comes to the texts about the state of societies. Fair enough, he said he understood the reasons why I did not allow comments, including receiving comments that are sent just for harrassment and for even more nefarious purposes. Indeed, I explained to him that it was my deliberate choice to switch off comments for the reasons he also noted. Personally, I do not have any time for 'useless fights'. I have already chosen my own 'usefull fights' against those who have harrassed me for a long time. In part, this harrassment is obviously directly related to my opinions that I do not consider the current system is working as it should be, as it ignores the very basics that everyone should have the same rights to live freely and have the same possibilities to be part of the society. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case in Finland, for example.

To this end, I assume that posting this text will instigate a negative reaction from those who are already harrassing many of us who are suggesting ideas that would be of benefit to most people. It appears that one is not allowed to share opinions that are against what is considered 'politically correct' by the globalists, even if his or her opinion would be much closer to the truth than what is considered politically correct. Hence, it seems that 'politically correct' may often be not correct at all. And the truth is always the first casualty of war, as was suggested by the Greek dramatist Aeschylus (525 BC - 456 BC) and was included thousands of years ago in the principles of the Chinese general Sun Tzu whereby "All warfare is based on deception". Here, one can ask who is actually deceiving us, the people, in the ongoing 'global civil war'? I believe most readers of my previous blogs know who I am referring to. And can any society really work if 'the truth is killed first' and if everything that is 'politically correct' aims at deceiving ordinary people? Some ideas to think about over the weekend.

And, please, do not shoot the messenger this time.


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