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My research focuses on the causes and consequences of environmental change at different spatial (from sites to continents) and temporal (from seasons to millennia) scales. I perceive environmental change mostly through the variation in biological diversity in aquatic and terrestrial systems, which has a lot to do with my life-long interest in animals and plants. Recently, along with collaborators in both Finland and abroad, I have become interested in a more comprehensive framework incorporating both biotic and abiotic features of nature. As almost all areas across the world are affected by anthropogenic impacts, I am also currently thinking of devising a refined framework that incorporates biotic, abiotic and human-managed features of drainage basins. At this level, various phenomena are acting simultaneously and should be considered in monitoring, management, restoration and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

During my spare time, I spend a lot of time in nature observing habitats, plants and animals. I am also interested in earth history and how this is associated with the development of civilizations and livelihoods of people.

Living in the Oulu Region, I collaborate extensively with researchers from across the world. I have also advised a number of post-doctoral, doctoral and masters students as well as visiting researchers from various countries.


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