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Down by the river before dawn

This morning, I visited a location by the ice-covered River Iijoki. This location, Kierikki, boasts an assumed replica of a stone-age village, which attracts tourists during the summer period. It is not obviously open during the winter, and I thus had the privilege to ski here and there basically alone. The area close to and on the river was characterized by numerous tracks of mountain hares (Lepus timidus), which seemed to have been looking for food close to the riverbanks, and red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and ermine (Mustela erminea) had also been active in the area recently. As the sun had not risen yet, the snowy landscapes by and across the river were typical for me living close to this area, but at the same time quite stunning. Have a look at three photos taken over a little more than one hour period I was skiing there just before sunrise.


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