Three Interesting Websites

Three Albums Currently Under Listening

Caligula's Horse (2020) Rise Radiant.
Porcupine Tree (2002) In Absentia.
Shadow Gallery (2009) Digital Ghosts.

Three Strongly Recommended Textbooks

Walter Dodds (2019) The World's Worst Problems.
Richard Ladle and Robert Whittaker (2011) Conservation Biogeography.
Ellen Wohl (2018) Sustaining River Ecosystems and Water Resources.

Three Books Last Read
Paulo Coelho (1988) The Alchemist.*
Daniel Estulin (2015) Tavistock Institute. Social Engineering the Masses.
David Wilkinson (2006) Fundamental Processes in Ecology: An Earth Systems Approach.

All of the above-mentioned 'things' are highly recommended for different reasons. The books mentioned are about nature, science, history or fiction, or perhaps a mix of those sometimes. * = I read a Finnish language book edition.