Data Analysis​

Progressive Metal and Rock Bands

Dream Theater
Fates Warning

Psychotic Waltz

Shadow Gallery
Tomorrow’s Eve

Vanden Plas

Progressive Metal and Rock Albums

DarWin (2018) Origin of Species.

Dream Theater (2009) Black Clouds and Silver Linings.

Fates Warning (1995) Chasing Time.

Haken (2020) Virus.

Psychotic Waltz (2020) The God-Shaped Void.

Pyramaze (2006) Legend of the Bone Carver.

Shadow Gallery (2005) Room V.

Soen (2019) Lotus.

Tomorrow's Eve (2018) Mirror of Creation III: Project Icaros.

Vanden Plas (2019) The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening.

A Book Currently Under Reading

Yrjö Haila & Richard Levins (1992) Humanity and Nature. Ecology, Science and Society.*

Books Just Read


Walter Dodds (2019) The World's Worst Problems.

John Bellamy Foster (2000) Marx's Ecology. Materialism and Nature.

Jared Diamond (2019) Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis.*


All of the above-mentioned are highly recommended for different reasons. This list will be updated continuously. 


* I read a Finnish language edition.